“First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare."

- Walt Disney

I’m Nicole, a DFW wedding photographer and portrait photographer too. I tell every single bride, family and individual that I work with to see me as their steadfast rock. You can lean on me. As a photographer, although I’m there to blend in and capture the moments, oftentimes I am needed to assure, guide and assist, whether it’s a wedding or a portrait session.

Experiences need a bit of guiding. So although you’re considering hiring me as a photographer, I’ll be your assistant, guide and confidant too. You’ve got more than a photographer in me.



I’m Nicole.

01. I'm all about relationships.

If you want a photographer to show up, deliver images and then disappear — we’re probably not a good match. My intentions are to, yes, deliver stunning, authentic images, but to do so, we need to build a relationship. I intend on getting to know you so that I can support you through the best moments, and capture you with authenticity. 

02. I value your vision.

I’ll take the time to understand your vision. I want your photos to feel like you. I truly believe that God has given me these talents in order to serve and love people.

03. I pay a lot of attention to detail.

I’m an Enneagram 1, which means I’m incredibly detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. But this also means that I’m organized, reliable and responsible. These gifts have elevated me as a professional, allowing me to serve you well — noticing what’s needed on your wedding day and when I’m editing the images later (accompanied by my cuddling dog). Managing large groups of people is one of my strong suits too! 

I encourage and support my clients long before and long after our time together.

"Jesus in my heart, Disney in my veins!"

Can we talk about your love story already?

See a glimpse of my work and wedding advice on the gram! I bring an energetic presence with me everywhere I go. You might catch photos of me at Disneyland every now and again.


I come from a long line of Disney lovers. In an ideal world, I am always, always, always wearing my Minnie Mouse ears.


My dog, Jade, is my best friend. She just understands me and loves me infinitely.


I love plants!


Dessert is the most important meal of the day.


I'm left handed.


I want to design, build and own a wedding venue one day!


Family, God, love, integrity and kindness are the driving forces behind everything I do. 

During my time with you, I am 100% present with you. But in case you want to know just a bit more about me, here are a few critical details.

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